Hatch 5 Plus Fly Reel

Reel Tested:  Hatch 5 Plus

Retail Price: $500

The Hatch 5 Plus Reel has been one of the better fly reels I have ever had on the water.  The reel has been a nice compliment to my favorite Winston Boron II-x 5 weight.  What I have been most impressed with is the overall durability of the fly reel and the smoothness of the drag system.  Hatch has lately been setting the industry standard with cutting edge yet simple and reliable fly reels.  The reels look great to boot and the machining and craftsmanship is bar none some of the best in the business.

Hatch Fly Reel

Hatch has revolutionized a new drag system.  The majority of the drags on the market today incorporate a drag mechanism that is one to one surface contact.  This means that one surface (metal) is driven or drawn toward another surface (cork, plastic, carbon fiber, graphite, etc.)  Hatch reels take a completely different approach by incorporating a stacked disc drag. The discs are made up of a combination of stainless steel and Rulon®, and positioned in a stacked configuration.


Hatch has pioneered a new drag system EBS (Effective Breaking System) and is measured by the surface contact area of one disc times the number of surfaces it contacts.  Each size reel has its own unique disc size and combination. The size and number of discs determines the EBS in square inches.  The drag system benefits in several ways from this breaking system:

More surface area makes for a smoother, more durable drag and helps eliminates start up inertia.  Heat distribution occurs over multiple surfaces, rather than one to one contact, thereby eliminating stick slip problems caused by extreme heat in high-speed runs.  Finally, disc materials require NO lubrication or maintenance.

The “Finatic” is the do all reel and can handle everything from rising trout in the Rocky Mountains to schooling Bonefish in Belize.  The reel is designed for lines 5-7 weight making a great set up for the traveling sportsman.  For more information check out:  http://www.hatchoutdoors.com/

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