Colorado Drift Boat Review: Hyde Contender

Guy holding trout.At Lincoln Hills Fly Fishing Club we have been testing out the Hyde Contender and so far we are pleased to call this watercraft the Cadillac of drift boats.  The Hyde Contender is an all fiberglass drift boat model with ample features and amenities.  We absolutely love this drift boat for a number of reasons:

  1. Maneuverability – Any good drift boat must turn on a dime and the Hyde Contender passes this test with flying colors.  The lightweight and ergonomic design makes it easy to dodge big boulders and other hazards.
  2. Durability – Fiberglass is one great material as it will stand up to lots of abuse and will even stay afloat when your novice buddy rams the boat into the biggest rock in the river.  These boats are great for experienced oarsmen but are also excellent learning tools for beginner rowers.
  3. Comfort – Did we mention that this is the Cadillac of drift boats?  Multiple rod tubes, padded seats, fishing braces, built in storage and compartments make this one comfortable boat to row down the stream.
  4. Design – The all fiberglass walk through design includes three point front and rear leg braces, matching interior & exterior color, bow shelf, three position oar blocks, front & rear level floors, recessed rod storage, front walk around storage compartment, rower walk around storage compartment and rear walk around storage compartment.
  5. Lifetime warranty – This boat is an incredible value and Hyde backs their product up 100%.

Guy on drift boat

Recently we rowed a Hyde Contender on Colorado’s Roaring Fork from Carbondale to Glenwood Springs.  Flows are tough right now as the Roaring Fork is only ripping at 700 CFS.  Needless to say the river is a little boney and despite our best efforts we had a few collisions.  Luckily the boat is still afloat and the crew unharmed.  But the Hyde boat really is forgiving allowing the person behind the oars to make a few mistakes and still recover.

Dog on drift boat

So waste no time and get on the oars of a Hyde Drift Boat today.  We are willing to bet that you will be most pleasantly surprised.

Hyde Drift boat

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