Who is Downtown Brown?

Downtown Brown is one of our favorite guest authors on Colorado Fly Fishing Reports.  He is always swimming by to give us new gear reports and fishing conditions, but just who is this suave and debonair fish?

He starred at the end of the movie A River Runs Through It.

Robert Redford is said to have narrated this movie, but it was actually Downtown Brown.

He once ate a Northern Pike, in one swallowing.

The Rainbow Trout fear him and do not speak his name.

Every time he goes for a swim all other fish species disappear.

He is the only fish recorded to have been seen wearing Ray Ban aviator sun glasses…

He is a fish, but can speak and write in English.

He can spool your fly reel faster than a Tarpon.

He has never been landed on a fly.

Guy holding brown trout

For years, Colorado Parks and Wildlife has been trying to electro shock him.  They have failed every time and so far experienced none other than 5 fatal causalities in their electro shocking efforts.  He is the most interesting fish in the world…

Stay Fishy my Friends!

Downtown Brown