Tiemco Shimazaki Dry Shake

So while dry fly shake may not be the most important piece of fly fishing gear, a good bottle that will keep your Elk Hair Caddis a float is worth its weight in salt!  And nothing is worse than being caught on the water during an epic insect hatch and being unable to drift your flies properly…

Tiemco Dry Shake

Personally, I have always favored Gink and then after having caught a few fish I usually dress my dry with a shake.  However, Tiemco’s spray works wonders and does a great job to keep your dry fly buoyant and riding high in the water column, eliminating the need for two floating applications to your fly.  However, if time and budget allows, I still think the spray is most effective when used with the Gink to help insure maximum water repellency.

Rainbow trout

Nothing is worse than watching a freshly tied Stimulator sink below the surface so stop by your local fly shop today and test out Tiemco’s Schimazaki dry fly shake.  This stuff really is a lot better than anything on the market, plus it is easy to apply and keeps that fly riding high and visible in the water.

The Tiemco Shimazaki Dry Shake really does work!  Just give your dry fly or emerger a quick spray and then watch it float.  I have never used any kind of dry shake or gel that gives flies this quality of buoyancy.  Even when flies get wet, this stuff really does the job and dries them out!  Do yourself a favor and pick up a bottle today!

Tight Lines,

Downtown Brown…Stay Fishy my Friends…