Weekend Forecast: Colorado Fly Fishing Close to Home

Let’s face it times are tough and expensive road trips can be tough to pull off.  In Colorado we are most fortunate to have such a wide array of fly fishing destinations that choosing a spot to fish can be an overwhelming and daunting task.  At Colorado Fly Fishing Reports it is our duty to take the headache out of planning your next fishing trip so that your time and money are well spent.  Be sure to check out our Colorado Fly Fishing Blog every Thursday for our Weekend Forecast where we will highlight several good options for your weekend retreat.

Woman holding rainbow trout.

Fortunately for all of our Denver and Boulder fly anglers good fly fishing opportunities exist close to home.  Our Front Range creeks and streams are filled with healthy and sustainable populations of wild brown trout and savvy anglers can also find rainbows, brook trout and cutthroat trout as well.  In the Denver metro area anglers have close access to Clear Creek, Boulder Creek, South Boulder Creek and Bear Creek.  All of these water sheds are full of wild and aggressive brown trout and basic fishing tactics are the same for all of the streams.


The beauty of small stream fly fishing is that anglers can learn all of the skills necessary for trout fishing anywhere in the world.  Small streams will teach you how to sight fish, fish dry flies, drift nymph rigs and most importantly how to read the water.  Most of the trout in these creeks are very opportunistic feeders and will readily take attractor dry flies with bead head droppers.  Dry flies like the Stimulator or Elk Hair Caddis in hook sizes #14-#18 are all you need for surface action.  Be sure to bring an assortment of bead head droppers in hook sizes #16-#20.  A dry dropper rig presented in the pocket water found along these creeks will catch trout year round.  To rig a dry and dropper rig, simply tie a clinch knot off the bend of your dry fly hook and then tie your bead head dropper on.  As for depth, a good rule of thumb is to rig your dropper twice the depth of the water you are fishing.  For instance, if the pocket you are fishing is one foot deep then make sure your dropper is two feet below your dry fly.  Three to four weight fly rods are the best tools for creek hoping Colorado’s Front Range.  All of our Denver and Boulder creeks and streams have great flows and are an excellent choice for the coming weekend.  For the most recent stream flows, insect hatches and fly pattern recommendations be sure and check out our Clear Creek Colorado Fly Fishing Report.  Have a great weekend and enjoy your time on the water.

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