Fall Pike on the Fly

Something about the crisp fall air and picturesque colors just goes hand in hand with pursuing Northern Pike on the fly.  Fall is a great time to target these aggressive and predatory fish.  Though the fishing may not be as fast paced and action packed as the spring, fall offers anglers the chance to pursue true trophy pike in the shallows.  Now is the time to target Colorado pike hot spots like Eleven mile Reservoir, Taylor Park Reservoir or the close to home, Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge.

Northern Pike

The beauty of pike fishing is often times the simplicity.  Just bring your waders for working the shallows and cattail sloughs, an eight weight fly rod with floating line and a handful of bunny or whistler style streamers.  In fact many anglers have great success hooking pike with the tried and true Wooly Bugger.  For leaders we prefer simply fishing hard monofilament in the ten to twenty pound test range.  After catching a few fish you will need to change the leader as these toothy critters gnaw and fray the leader quickly but we prefer the hard monofilament for its more lifelike action than that of commercial wire leaders.

Colorado Northern Pike

One of the biggest points to remember when pursuing pike on the fly is that these fish will track your fly for a long time before biting…sometimes inhaling the fly right at your feet!  Strip your fly to your wading boots and sometimes continuing to strip the fly around your standing position will produce some late strikes.  Pike on the fly is about trying something new and having fun…go give it a shot today!

Tight Lines,

Lone Wulff McWade