Mouse Fishing Mayhem!

September is finally here and the big brown trout are out to play.  Simply put, big trophy brown trout are players and sometimes in order to put a big trophy trout in the net the fly fisherman needs put away the tiny midge box and throw the meat!  Research shows that mice play an integral role in the diet of trout throughout the summer and fall months.  Mice are available to trout in a wide variety of rivers and streams but are most commonly utilized as forage items in meadow oxbow streams.

Brook Trout

Mice fall in the river frequently and when they do they create one heck of a meal for hungry trout.  A dead mouse allows a big brown trout the opportunity to acquire more protein in one big slurp than a typical day of feeding on regular aquatic insects.

Brook Trout & Mouse

As Colorado Fly Fisherman we can’t help but get excited when talking about big browns hitting mouse patterns right off the surface.  The sound and visual effects of a big trout rocketing to the surface with every intention of killing and eating a mouse makes for one of the most riveting and adrenaline filled takes in all of fly fishing.

Colorado is a great spot to land your first fish on a mouse pattern.  Rocky Mountain National Park and the Arkansas River both host some of the best populations of aggressive brown trout in the state.  So get out on the water and give it a try.  At Colorado Fly Fishing Reports our favorite time to fish mouse patterns is in the evening right after the sun has descended behind the mountains.  Usually the best results and mouse fishing takes come from downstream presentations and we have had the most success with a variety of deer haired mouse patterns.  Try swimming a mouse in your favorite trout run, the rewards could be huge!

Tight Lines,

Downtown Brown…Stay Fishy my Friends…