Fly Rods at a Premium Value: Winston’s GVX-Select

At Colorado Fly Fishing Reports we really appreciate fly rods at a great value.  Winston’s GVX-Select is one of our new favorites for a true class fly rod that doesn’t break the bank.  The GVX series utilizes the same taper design as Winston’s famed Boron rod series but the rods are made from graphite instead of boron.  The GVX rods are finished in traditional Winston green blanks and GVX-Select rods feature a new premium reel seat, Boron IIX-style grips, as well as a rod bag and green aluminum storage tube.  This is a true handmade Montana Winston fly rod that looks great on the rod rack and flat out preforms on the water.

Winston GVX

After testing these rods our favorite design is the nine foot four weight.  This rod is very hard to distinguish from the same boron model.  The only difference is this rod is just a little heavier (by a mere ounce) in the hand.  However, retailing for only $545 we think you might be able to forget about the added ounces because of all the cash left in your wallet should even things out.

Fly in fish mouth

The beauty of the GVX Select is the rod series ability to offer the fly fisherman a series of fly rod that is dynamic in casting ranges.  These rods will load for short casts at less than twenty feet and in the hands of an experienced stick the rods will throw an entire fly line.  Check out the GVX-Select today, we promise you will not be disappointed.

Tight Lines,

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