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Green Drakes are everywhere and help shift attention from the mosquitos eating me alive.  But the juice is worth the squeeze as this Colorado headwater stream is full of wild brown trout that are angry and aggressive.  It is truly amazing how hard a wild twelve inch brown can fight; pound for pound there may be no better sport fish!  Around the next bend I spot a nice one sipping grasshoppers and ants from the foam line of the eddy.  This one isn’t twelve inches but maybe twenty plus…

Picture of Arkansas River, Colorado

A good fish nonetheless and my eyes work to spot my Drake pattern as it lands in the eddy.  Almost instantly the big brown opens his lips and sucks the Drake in.  I must be moving slow because I set the hook only to hear the sometimes all too familiar “Woosh” sound and watch my leader and dry fly pattern whiz past my face.  Missed him!  But the big brown is still there just a little spooked by feeling the prick of the Drake pattern.   Maybe a streamer will change this trout’s mind.  Quickly I re-rig to an articulated double bunny fly and carefully exit the river so I can sneak up on the fish and present the streamer from above using the streamside willows as camouflage.   Hopefully the big brown hasn’t seen me in my attempt to re-locate; I strip off a little line from the reel and let my bunny fly swing into the foam line.  BAM!  There he is and he’s on!  The fish, now with his huge back out of the water runs downstream and then as quick as it all started he’s gone…

Picture of guy holding fish in Cheesman Canyon

And that’s what Colorado Fly Fishing is all about!  We can’t tell you exactly where that big brown of a life time is but we will do our very best to put you on the right river at the right time with the best flies and fishing tactics.  Our Colorado Fly Fishing Reports are updated daily in real time with the most recent stream flows, weather conditions, insect hatches and hot fly patterns.  We also will keep you updated on the best fly fishing gear in the industry with reports from our Pro-Staff fly fishing guides.  Stay tuned for the most up to date Colorado fishing information, destination travel, fly fishing gear reports, fly tying and industry news.

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